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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions brings together two vicious and deadly entities of Death Thrashing power... it's time for Zombie Termination! Zombie Ritual hail from Tokyo, Japan and play raw, rotten old school Death/Thrash Metal! Making their HPGD debut, Zombie Ritual combine the speed of 80's Thrash Metal, the stench of Old School Death Metal and a touch of traditional Japanese Heavy Metal. These zombies pummel the listener with five tracks about alcohol, gore and of course the living dead! For fans of Blood Freak, Exhumed, Frightmare, Ghoul, Impaled, Lord Gore, General Surgery, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Haemorrhage, Impetigo, Machetazo, Municipal Waste and Splatterhouse

Termination Force return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with a vengeance, playing fast, heavy and extreme grind thrashing Death Metal! After their impressive debut album "Grind Thrashing Death", Termination Force continue their assault of razor sharp riffs, insane blast beats and a dose of melody thrown into the mix. Four brand new tracks of violence plus a cover of Napalm Death's classic "Scum"! A must have for fans of Blood Feast, Carcass, Death, Deceased, Demolition Hammer, Devastation, Exhumed, Kreator, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Saint, Napalm Death, Num Skull and Terrorizer