VIOLENT PARTY - Singles Collection CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Violent Party to the roster with "Singles Collection"! Violent Party initially were formed as a studio project hailing from Lynchburg, VA during the fall of 2010, then relocating to Portland, OR in 2013. Spanning from their early days as a Hardcore Punk outfit into the bizarre Noisecore experience that they would eventually become, "Singles Collection" covers the bands full spectrum. Featuring a total of fourteen tracks, including two never before heard songs from an unreleased EP recorded in 2017, this release is essential for anyone seeking the total experience that is Violent Party. For fans of Amebix, Chaos UK, Confuse, Devil Master, Discharge, Disorder, Extreme Noise Terror, Full Of Hell, G.I.S.M., Lebenden Toten, Merzbow, People, Swankys, The Body, Unarm and The Varukers