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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and and Thrashing Corpse Records are proud to present the the early demos collection from Viogression entitled "Perception Blur"! Hailing from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Viogression chronicles their 1988 debut as a Thrash band through their transition to Death Metal in 1990.  "Perception Blur" showcases the early Viogression demos spanning from 1988-1990, featuring Execution (4-song demo - 1990), Perception Blur (4-song demo - 1989), the Apocalypse 1989 demo (2-songs) as well as two previously unreleased tracks from 1988.  All recordings have been recently remastered and packaged with new artwork, historical info, lyrics and photos courtesy of original drummer Jef Jaeger.  "Perception Blur" commemorates the 30th anniversary of these Viogression demo tapes, and contains the best recordings of the band leading up to the now classic ‘Expound And Exhort’ album released in 1991. This skull crushing collection of old school Thrash and Death Metal tracks will appeal to fans of Asphyx, Coroner, Death, Exhumer, Exodus, Kreator, early Metallica, Megadeth, Morta Skuld, Numskull, Obituary and Sepultura