VEX - Memorious 2LP on Black Vinyl

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Building upon the strengths of 2010’s critically-acclaimed debut Thanatopsis, Vex return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with another landmark extreme metal work in the form of Memorious. Those who appreciate the power and the dynamic range of Thanatopsis will delight in the death metal explorations undertaken in Memorious, this time delivered with more streamlined songwriting, more aggression and more of a pronounced folk and progressive influence. The lyrical content details the immensely destructive power of human memory, but topics such as cryptozoology, spiritual longing, drunken nostalgia and political sovereignty are also explored. Fans of Absu, Primordial, Agalloch, Stargazer, Edge of Sanity, Enslaved, Ved Buens Ende, Eucharist, Amorphis, The Chasm, Dissection, Amon Amarth and Aeternus are sure to appreciate Vex’s fresh and invigorating approach to death metal. An essential album of 2013!