TRIPLE CRIPPLE - Nursing Home For Retired Hookers CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Triple Cripple to the roster with the vile new album "Nursing Home For Retired Hookers"! Hailing originally from Slovakia and currently residing in New York, Triple Cripple unleash a relentless attack of putrid and disgusting, catchy Pogo Grind. "Nursing Home For Retired Hookers" is a 14 track vicious assault of blasting, intense Grindcore that spews a massive load of sheer brutality, speed and groove... not for the faint of heart! For fans of Agathocles, Assuck, Birdflesh, Brutal Truth, Contrastic, Cripple Bastards, Exhumed, Extreme Noise Terror, Gride, Insect Warfare, Lycanthrophy, Macabre, Master, Napalm Death, Nasum, Organ Dealer, Phobia, Repulsion, Righteous Pigs, Rotten Sound, Terrorizer, Unholy Grave and Wormrot