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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are proud to present this 4-Way Split album of total annihilation! Toxicology hail from Fair Lawn, NJ and present 3 tracks of vicious Grindcore/Crustcore for fans of Disrupt, Doom, Dropdead, Extreme Noise Terror, Massgrave, Napalm Death and Repulsion. Skuz reside in Montclair, NJ and these coffin mincers showcase 4 tracks of ripping Death Metal/Grindcore for fans of Archgoat, Cianide, Coffins, Disma, Funebrarum, Impetigo, Incantation, Mortician, Revenge and Undergang. Triple Cripple return to HPGD with 4 tracks of blasting "Pogo Grind" for fans of Assuck, Birdflesh, Brutal Truth, Extreme Noise Terror, Insect Warfare, Nasum, Organ Dealer, Rotten Sound, Terrorizer and Wormrot. Ground make their Horror Pain Gore Death debut closing of this Split with 6 intense tracks of New Jersey Hardcore/Grindcore/Powerviolence from for fans of Charles Bronson, Despise You, Dystopia, Hatebreed, Iron Lung, Magrudergrind, Man Is The Bastard, Napalm Death, Siege and Spazz