THE BEYOND - Frostbitepanzerfuck CD

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The Beyond return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the long awaited full length album "Frostbitepanzerfuck"! Expanding on their classic sound of early 90's Norwegian Black Metal, "Frostbitpanzerfuck" also incorporates elements of blasting D-beat and sleazy Punk Rock. Prepare yourself for total degradation as The Beyond spew forth an all out crossover assault of perversion, filth and mayhem! This CD is pressed on a unique Vinyl Style CD that is compatible with all standard CD players. For fans of Bathory, Burzum, The Casualties, Darkthrone, Desekrator, Dodheimsgard, The Dwarves, Eat My Fuk, Framtid, GG Allin, Gorgoroth, Motorhead, Toxic Holocaust, Venom and Zeke... fuck yeah!