SPUN IN DARKNESS / GRAVEWÜRM - Vengeance From Beyond The Grave "Split" CD

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Another Match Made In Hell! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions brings together two unstoppable forces of metal for an explosive split album of carnage and mayhem. Spun In Darkness are back from the grave, continuing to forge their path of destruction featuring four new tracks and a cover of Doom Snake Cult's "Carnival Freak Show". Successfully blending early 90's Death Metal with classic Doom Metal, Spun In Darkness are reminiscent of Asphyx, Celtic Frost, Goatlord, Grave and Obituary. Gravewürm create old goat Black Metal from the abyss that is influenced by the likes of Burzum, Candlemass, Hellhammer, Pentagram and early Sodom. Formed back in 1990, Gravewürm make their long-awaited HPGD debut on this release with their strongest material to date. Experience true Vengeance From Beyond The Grave!

Features killer cover artwork and double-sided, full sized glossy lyric sheet by master of darkness Mark Riddick. For fans of Acheron, Autopsy, Bathory, Bathym, Cianide, Coffins, Countess, Crucifier, Deceased, Devil Lee Rot, Dismember, Divine Eve, Inquisition, Necrovore, Nunslaughter, Profanatica, Sadistic Intent, Sathanas, Varathron, Venom and Winter