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Skuz return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the collection "Death Mince Discography"! Originally forming from the rotting cadaver of Emetic, Skuz aspires to play filthy Death and gore soaked Grindcore in the vein of Coffins, Impetigo, Cianide, Autopsy, Blood, Regurgitate and Mortician. "Death Mince Discography" compiles all of the bands material from the 2014-2019, including the bands full length album, split material and demo. This is 61 minutes of negative music for negative people, and is absolutely not for the hipster cesspool extreme metal has become. Commit seppuku with a buzzsaw and rot in eternity... FOAD! For fans of Autopsy, Blood, Cianide, Coffins, Disma, Funebrarum, Impetigo, Incantation, Mortician, Regurgitate and Undergang