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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Sekkusu to their roster with the debut album "Satyrömania"! Scathing winds of distort roar from the cold iron heart of Detroit, as Sekkusu execute their savage style of Death/Speed/Punk Metal from Hell. Formed in 2015, in the industrial wasteland that Reaper, Perversion, Shitfucker and Anguish call home; Sekkusu have released 2016's 'Fukk On Loud Night' demo and 2018's 'Slash The Pose' EP. "Satyrömania" is the band's long awaited full length release. Featuring 10 tracks of instinct driven violence for fans of The Accüsed, Anti-Cimex, Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, Death Side, Destruction, Devil Master, Discharge, G.I.S.M., Repulsion and early Slayer