SAVIORSKIN - Invicta Mori / DoomFather CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death recording artists SaviorSkin return with more rotting misery: Invicta Mori demonstrates what is possible when human agony and ingenuity manipulate machinery in the darkness. SaviorSkin have always used machine elements to obscure the humanity of the musicians, but it is easy to picture bloody phlegm on the microphone while listening to brooding opener "Iconoclast" and even easier to imagine razor blades and shattered wine bottles during the meditative "Martyrdom." Closing out the nine-song ordeal that is Invicta Mori is the appearance of legendary vocalist Marc Grewe (Morgoth) on the album's most vicious track, "Sycophant." Invicta Mori is pitiless and unrelenting but utterly human at the same time, perhaps more than ever before. SaviorSkin listeners craving even more pain would do well to seek out the CD edition of Invicta Mori, which exclusively features the four-song DoomFather EP as an offering to those who still value physical media