SADISTIC FORCE - Midnight Assassin CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Sadistic Force to the roster with the new album "Midnight Assassin"! Hailing from Austin Texas, blackened Speed/Thrash Metal maniacs Sadistic Force unleash a record steeped in blood and terror, cultivated from countless hours of true crime research and copious 80's slasher movie viewings. "Midnight Assassin" is a nine track sinister Speed Metal assault inspired by serial killers, stalkers, and necrophiliacs, transporting listeners into a dark and twisted sonic arena that exposes the harsh realities of human depravity and violence. Sadistic Force prove that they are an unrelenting force to be reckoned with... beware the "Midnight Assassin"! For fans of Bewitched, Bonehunter, Hellripper, Hellrot, Hellsword, Midnight, Motörhead, Nocturnal Breed, Speedwolf, Terrörhammer, Venom and Wraith