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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Putrascension to the roster with the debut album "Forever Below"! Hailing from New Jersey, Putrascension are a blackened quintet featuring members of Windfaerer, Replicant, WolfCloak, Tombs, Abacinate, Kalopsia and Hammer Fight. "Forever Below" is the anthem for a manmade hell on earth... a collection of apocalyptic hymns that explore the anxieties of mortality and self-destruction while deploying dense atmospheric soundscapes with sinister riffs and impervious heaviness. Noxious fumes and torrential floods overcome a landscape where imposing refineries battle against nature for dominance. Mankind's insatiable will to subjugate its environment is its tragic flaw. Acquiring inspiration from across the extreme metal spectrum, Putrascension brew their own homegrown attitude-drenched concoction of blackened Death Metal on "Forever Below" which was tracked, mixed and mastered between the summer and winter months of 2021 by Bobby Torres and Benjamin Karas at Frightbox Recording, and features cover artwork created by Misanthropic-Art (Asphyx, Behemoth, Dismember, Hooded Menace, Katatonia). Savor the neverending taste of misery and descend into a deeper hell with Putrascension's "Forever Below"! For fans of Mgla, Shining, Goatwhore, Dissection, All Out War, Behemoth, Dawn, Uada, Code and Sargeist