ORGAN TRAIL - Appetite For Dissection CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Organ Trail to the roster with the new album "Appetite For Dissection"! Consisting of members from Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina, Organ Trail were formed in 2013 and features musicians from Macerated, Redundant Protoplasm, (ex) Rivers Of Nihil, Pathogenesis and Basura. "Appetite For Dissection" excretes 14 foul tracks of goresoaked, hyper tempoed Deathgrind for real ones only. Organ Trail unleash a stampede of anxiety filled Deathgrind riffs, bone rearticulating blasts and vomitous, squelching, septic burps which include guest vocals from Henry, Roger, and John of No/Más! A platter of splatter for fans of Captain Cleanoff, Carcass, Circle Of Dead Children, Exhumed, Internal Rot, The Kill, Napalm Death, Noisear, Organ Dealer and Splatterhouse