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Horror Pain Gore Death welcomes Texas' majestic Death/Doom destroyers Nethermost to the roster with the epic debut full length album "Noetic". Prepare for a voyage to the outer realms of our perceived existence, and down abstruse pathways conveying a diverse blend of dismal hymns. With an unyielding inflection with singularity marking a delicate sonic domain paved by mesmerizing melodies, intelligent lyrics and heavy drum sounds are intertwined in a simple, yet effective emotional blueprint. The result is an intoxicating atmospheric journey that penetrates your mind and crushes your soul. "Noetic" was mixed and mastered by the prolific producer Marco Santini at Antigravity Studios in London, UK. For fans of Amorphis, Anathema, Daylight Dies, Esoteric, Evoken, Katatonia, Mindrot, Morgion, My Dying Bride, November's Doom, October Tide, Paradise Lost, Rapture, Tiamat, Unholy, Vex and Winter