MUSKET HAWK - Upside Of Sick CD

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Musket Hawk make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the new album "Upside Of Sick"! Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Musket Hawk unleash a pummeling attack of infectious Sludge/Grind destruction on "Upside Of Sick", a punishing aural experience, full of raging disgust and aggressive madness. Filthy and intense Grinding Sludge chuck full of grooves and blasts, Musket Hawk are not for the weak or faint of heart! "Upside Of Sick" was recorded/mixed at Electrical Audio in Chicago by Jon San Paolo, The Jam Room in South Carolina by Jay Matheson and at Developing Nations in Baltimore by Kevin Bernsten (Organ Dealer, Outer Heaven, Pig Destroyer), with mastering by Brad Boatright (Devourment, Full Of Hell, Noisem) at Audiosiege. For fans of Dystopia, Eyehategod, Grief, Melvins and Soilent Green