MOUNTAIN GRAVE - The Ancient Disease CD

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Mountain Grave is a metal collective scattered across the United States with the mission to deliver maximum cosmic riffage! "The Ancient Disease" lyrically follows the multi-billion year journey of an intergalactic contaminant from a distant star. From collapsing nebulae, and an 8th dimensional stellar exploration to an eventual zombie apocalypse, each song being of a different extreme metal genre and containing a unique lineup. Prepare to fly along an ageless celestial path to ultimate destruction through sinister atmospheric thrash, black and death metal. Also included is the video for "A Necromance" which is already becoming a cult classic among hessians. Features members of Pizza Face, Theophagy, Lorenguard, Antica Arcana and Partiac Arrest. A killer release for fans of Annihilator, Bewitched, Carcass, Cradle Of Filth, Death Angel, Destruction, Exodus, Forbidden, Immortal, Megadeth, Morbid Angel, Morbid Saint, Nachtmystium, Nocturnus, Obituary, Pestilence, Sepultura, Testament and Toxic Holocaust. Fucking rage!!!