MORBID GRAVE - The Slime Crawlers + EP CD

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Death... Decay... Zombies... Sickness... and Horror! HPGD welcome Morbid Grave to the roster with "The Slime Crawlers + EP"! Hailing from Denmark, Morbid Grave was formed in 2021 and deliver primitive, dirty, rotten, and horrendous old school Death Metal. The debut album "The Slime Crawlers” is an ugly tale about mutated and zombified creatures multiplying in toxic slime, to ascend from the deep and annihilate mankind and infest the earth. This release also contains the EP ”Pandemic Mutations” as bonus tracks. Morbid Grave is the sick creation from the mind of Michael Huhle (Blackhorned, Grímnismál, Augu Sigyn, Victimizer, Ravishing and countless others). Pure filth dripping Death Metal for fans of Grave, Incantation, Church Of Disgust, Undergang, Autopsy, Nihilist, Repugnant, Anatomia, Coffins, Death Breath and early Obituary