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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions present the ultraviolent return of Deathmatch Grind champions Matsunaga Was Right with the new album "Born In Wire"! Columbus Ohio's reigning kings of the Deathmatch are back, following up on a successful second album release and live bootleg from overseas.  Matsunaga Was Right showcase a new round of glass ridden debauchery with "Born In Wire", fifteen more tracks for you marks who couldn't get yourselves over with a broomstick and a paper bag. Once in a lifetime was more than a tag line, because here's album three! Making towns brother and leaving behind blood, wire, and superglue... Matsunaga ICHIBAN! "Born In Wire" is also pressed on a special, reflective holographic disc that features laser etching on the outer edge of the CD. For fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Eat The Turnbuckle, Full Of Hell, Pig Destroyer, The Ultimate Warriors, backyard wrestling, tape trading, CZW, ECW, FMW, GCW, ICW No Holds Barred, IWA Mid-South, Abdullah The Butcher, Alex Colon, Matt Tremont, Sabu, Terry Funk and Zandig