MASS EXTINCTION - Never-Ending Holocaust CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Mass Extinction to the roster with the debut album "Never-Ending Holocaust"! Hailing from the wastelands of New Jersey, Mass Extinction are a crusty Grindcore duo with a strong vegan message, and feature members have also played in Organ Dealer and Toxicology. "Never-Ending Holocaust" serves as a scathing indictment of the oppressive nature of mankind in relation to animals. Each of the albums 10 tracks examines a specific issue related to animal agriculture, dairy, testing labs, fur farms, commercial fishing and other industries which allow humans to profit from animal abuse & exploitation. Mass Extinction deliver an intense old school slab of Crusty Grind that is full of ruthless riffage, diseased vocals and buzzsaw blasts... this is Anti-Human Crust-Grinding Annihilation for Total Animal Liberation! For fans of Brutal Truth, Disrupt, Dropdead, Excruciating Terror, Extreme Noise Terror, Insect Warfare, Mass Grave, Napalm Death, Nasum, Nuclear Death Terror, Skitsystem and His Hero Is Gone