KRULLUR - Grounds For Termination CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcomes Krullur to the roster with the new EP entitled "Grounds For Termination". Hailing from Houston, TX, Krullur play a style that can be described as blistering Death Metal meets catchy blackened Thrash Metal, with a healthy dose of 80's metal! This six track thrashcore release is an unrelentless assault of violent, aggressive and crushing metal. Experience the aural torment through memorable riffs, shredding leads and thunderous drums... a slab of crossover hatred taken to the next level! A must have for fans of The Accused, Agnostic Front, Bathory, Coven, Cryptic Slaughter, Dead Horse, Deceased, Demolition Hammer, DRI, Exodus, Hammer Fight, Kreator, Lethal Aggression, Midnight, Num Skull, Morbid Saint, Repulsion, Sacrificial Blood, Sarcofago, SOD, Sodom, Testament, Toxic Holocaust, Venom, Wehrmacht and Whiplash