IMPERIAL SAVAGERY - Lashing The Feral Swine CD

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Imperial Savagery make their long awaited Horror Pain Gore Death debut with the new album of extreme blasphemy, "Lashing The Feral Swine"! Spewing forth from the wasteland of Chicago Illinois in 2013, Imperial Savagery charged out of the gate with the vicious self-titled debut album of dirty Blackened Death Metal. "Lashing The Feral Swine" continues in the tradition of hateful early 90's style Death Metal depravity, with a cleaner production, dissonant riffs and menacing vocals. Imperial Savagery consists of hate plagued veterans of domination, featuring current/ex-members of CorpseVomit, Lividity, Gigan, Kommandant, Envy The Dead, The Everscathed, Enmortem, Nachtmystium, Evil Incarnate and Sons Of Famine. "Lashing The Feral Swine" showcases nine tracks of Satanic Death Metal cruelty that epitomizes pure darkness and evil, with an aggressively Anti-Christian stance. For fans of Immolation, Angelcorpse, Deicide, Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer