HORRIBLE EARTH - Weakened By Civilization CD

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Horrible Earth return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new album "Weakened By Civilization"!  Hailing from the badlands of Boston Massachusetts, Horrible Earth are a vicious 4 piece Grindcore outfit that continues to deliver pessimistic cruelty. "Weakened By Civilization" unleashes 17 tracks of cut throat savagery and vicious Grindcore intensity, separating them from other Extreme metal acts. Nausea-inducing, start-stop speed, high anxiety brainsick blast beats, abusive guitar riffs gnawing and chewing at your ears, unmerciful bass bludgeoning and rattling your surroundings, relentless harsh vocals and lyrics remind you of the inequality that exists on this planet. Horrible Earth's total anarchic punishing blend of Grindcore, Hardcore Punk and Powerviolence is showcased in full force on "Weakened by Civilization" ... a nihilistic message of mankind’s meaningless existence and warns listeners like an apocalyptic PSA. For fans of Assück, Benümb, Blood Duster, Brutal Truth, Discharge, Misery Index, Napalm Death, Nasum, Repulsion, Siege and Terrorizer