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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome HIVE to the roster with the debut full-length album "Night Cats"! Formed in 2013 as H.I.V., HIVE hail from Calgary Alberta Canada and perform filthy crusty Doom/Sludge/Thrash that is not for the faint of heart. Following up on the EP 'Fights The Reds', "Night Cats" is full of crushing riffs, intense lyrics and extreme aggression. This album is also sadly marked by the overdose and loss of founding HIVE drummer Kyle Mickey, who was replaced by friend Ken (D.D.) Tonseth of Vectivus for this record exclusively. Dirty, depraved and disgusting music for fans of Bongripper, Bongzilla, Buzzov•en, Church Of Misery, Conan, Crowbar, Dystopia, Eyehategod, Fistula, GG Allin, Grief, Iron Monkey, Noothgrush, Soilent Green and Weedeater