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Generichrist make their long awaited return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the massive full length album "Taste Of Death". Hailing from Tampa Florida, Generichrist was formed back in 2003 by lead vocalist Tony Anderson (Doomsilla, Fleshreaper, Skintomb), and their current line-up is stronger than ever featuring Ed Webb formerly of Massacre and Diabolic. Generichrist's sick, twisted blend of Punk/Thrash combined with Death Metal results in "Taste Of Death" becoming an experience in horror, sleaze and violence! This album also features a guest appearance by legendary horror Icon Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Army Of Darkness, The Devil's Rejects), who has been on several of the bands past releases. An essential platter of splatter for fans of Abscess, The Accused, Autopsy, Blood Duster, Cryptic Slaughter, GISM, Goatwhore, High On Fire, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Nunslaughter, Slayer and Terrorizer