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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions presents the debut EP from newly formed Japanese/U.S. Grindcore outfit Formless Master entitled "First Strike"! Hailing as the world's highest-ranking Kung Fu black belts in Karate-Grindcore, Formless Master consists of Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink, Retortion Terror), Jim Kahmann (Deterioration), Matthias Joyce and Crawlin Lewis (Invidiosus). "First Strike" is an intense debut showcasing seven tracks of devastation, boxing the ears and breaking the necks of true Grind freaks and underground rockers alike. For fans of Brutal Truth, Cephalic Carnage, Deterioration, Discordance Axis, Gridlink, Insect Warfare, Invidiosus, Noisear, Phobia, Pig Destroyer, Retortion Terror and Wormrot