FERAL - Forever Resonating In Blood CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to welcome Feral to the roster with the long awaited release of "Forever Resonating In Blood"! Feral hail from Canada and perform Black Metal that deals with celtic occultism, clairvoyance, the esoteric and mental conflict. Following up the debut concept album on 'Darkness', "Forever Resonating In Blood" focuses on 'The Will' and constant flow of 'Enlightenment'. Blessed with haunting leads, menacing progressions and secrets from the Abyss, Feral evokes a truly monstrous storm which explores the roots of Heavy Metal and expands on the demonic ecstasy trademarked by this Canadian beast. For fans of Agalloch, Burzum, Death, Dissection, Emperor, Inquisition and Weakling