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Prepare for war, gore and a trail of bloodshed! Entrenched rise out of the trenches of New Jersey to deliver their devastating debut album Preemptive Strike upon the masses. Completely unrelentless old school Death/Thrash Metal that delivers a non-stop audible assault that attacks the listener. Influenced by artists like Ghoul, Sodom, Entombed, Sepultura and Repulsion, Entrenched attain a unique sound with a dual vocal attack, raw crunching guitars, a veritable blitzkrieg of solos and thrashing yet groovy drums that will have you moshing like a maniac! For fans of Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Dismember, Hail Of Bullets, Jungle Rot, Marduk, Napalm Death, Panzerchrist and Terrorizer