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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Chicago sickos Elbow Deep to the roster with the new album "Sexually Offensive"! Formed in April of 2004, Elbow Deep began playing an original and unique style of Grinding Death Punk Shock Rock. After going on hiatus in late 2005 to start the band They Die Screaming, Elbow Deep returned in October of 2008 to continue their vile brand of sickness to the masses. "Sexually Offensive" showcases twelve tracks of high energy comedic Death Metal with elements of Grindcore, Punk, Thrash and Doom. Prepare yourself for abrasive carnal grotesqueries gone wild! "Sexually Offensive" was recorded / mixed / mastered by Scott Creekmore (Broken Hope, Lupara, Num Skull) and is easily the most obscene release on HPGD since Throatplunger. Absolutely must be 21+ to purchase! For fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Blast, Anal Cunt, Autopsy, Birdflesh, Cannabis Corpse, Crack House, Dying Fetus, GG Allin, Gorerotted, Impaled, Lord Gore, Macabre, The Mentors, Nails, Nekrofilth, Pig Destroyer and Skinless