DRUID LORD - Hymns For The Wicked CD

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Official digipack reissue printed on reverse board with miniposter and includes two bonus tracks! Originally released on Halloween 2010, 'Hymns For The Wicked' wasn't just another debut album: first and foremost, it signed the brilliant return to form of some of Florida's most seasoned veterans, back to where they belong that is the dirty swamp of extreme metal the 80's way. Death, thrash, doom... Hell, having take part in such seminal acts as EQUINOX, ACHERON, INCUBUS or DIABOLIC, Steve Spillers (drums), Pete Slate (lead guitar) and Tony Blakk (bass and vocals) surely know about them all hence DRUID LORD that works as a kind of combination of all. Owing a large debt to the mighty CELTIC FROST but also to doom lords such as CANDLEMASS and the very early doom/death scene - the intro alone of "Witchfinder" would have made PARADISE LOST circa the 'Lost Paradise' period proud - and akin to what ACID WITCH achieved on their debut, 'Hymns For The Wicked' is an old-school record that isn't nevertheless stuck in the past just for the sake of it. No, DRUID LORD have just to shave off the crap and take the genre back to its natural source. No gimmick, no female vocals, no modern production, just filthy and dirty doom with a death-metal edge, played with conviction, gutso and conviction. Initially recorded as a trio (the band has since been joined by Ben Ross on rhythm guitar), this debut has lost none of its impact and HPGD is damn proud to team up with Doomentia to make this intense piece of dooooom available to the public again, sick! Limited edition so don't miss out on this essential album!