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Dead War return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new EP "Grandfather Of War"! Returning to the battle grounds and into the inferno of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Dead War unleash six new tracks of Blackened Death/Thrash. "Grandfather Of War" follows up on the band's debut release 'The Triumph Of Death', with even more old school raw underground metal showcasing crushing blast beats, thunderous bass guitar and searing guitar solos. Guttural vocals lead the onslaught through clear marching orders of execution, tank attacks, molding toxicity and a leader of generations that all have followed into battle. Dead War again bring the element of Classical trained musicianship to offer a 'Death Of The World' moment of clarity amidst the carnage. "Grandfather Of War" was recorded by Jason Bursese and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering (Exhumed, Ghoul, Iron Reagan, Necrot)... Ride The Flames Of Death And War! For fans of Death, Deicide, Destroyer 666, Gorguts, Hate Eternal, Marduk and Morbid Angel