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CrusHuman return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions to unleash their debut full length release "CrusHuman"! Formed out of the ashes of Snipers Of Babel, Washington DC's CrusHuman perform an extreme concoction of Grindcore, Death Metal, Hardcore and Punk, setting the stage for a near future post apocalyptic world we are headed into. "CrusHuman" is a narrative of the human race and all of its atrocities. From the dark ages, till now, nothing has changed, and nothing ever will... it will just continue to spiral out of control until we are left in a world of complete chaos! For fans of Napalm Death, Terrorizer, early Fear Factory, Obituary, Slayer and Voivod

Release Date: August 9th 2024 (This item is a pre-order and will ship around 1 week before release date)