COVERED IN SORES - Civilian Casualties CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Covered In Sores to the roster with the collection "Civilian Casualties"! Hailing from Philadelphia, Covered In Sores perform sick, vile Grindcore/Death Metal with elements of Hardcore Punk/Thrash. "Civilian Casualties" presents the bands first three demos: 'Militaristic Cannibalism', 'Blown To Bits' and 'Evil Experiments'. 18 vicious tracks of war, gore... devastation and annihilation! Sadoballistic guerrilla Deathgrind for fans of Abscess, Agathocles, Birdflesh, Blood Freak, Carcass, Impetigo, Macabre, Machetazo, Napalm Death, Negative FX, Pungent Stench, Repulsion and Terrorizer