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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are proud to present the new Chained To The Dead collection "Discography Of Debauchery"! CTTD was spawned in the darkest depths of the great state of New Jersey in 2015, and they have been spreading their unique style of Death Metal ever since. Reanimating the bands complete and full catalog, "Discography Of Debauchery" contains every audible atrocity that has previously been unleashed by the band: the Born To Rot album, split EP with Dutchguts, A Gruesome Encounter album as well as previously unreleased live tracks.

Morally they are repugnant and lascivious, with a penchant for all decadence and vices... thematically they are an orgy of classic video violence and depravity. A lyrical celebration of the gore soaked VHS tapes of the 70s and 80s, plus a splattering of wrestling, serial killers, and fiction. Sonically, CTTD have a lust for bending genres and shattering expectations of what Death Metal can be, they have a complete devotion to the old school, while constantly looking forward to what they can bring to scene, by contorting the conventions of Extreme Metal until they shatter, creating their own particular brand of Death Metal Horror. This is music so extreme it could only come from the same state where Jason Voorhees, The Toxic Avenger, and Tony Soprano spilled oceans of blood.

"Discography Of Debauchery" is a dark journey into the unspeakable sounds of terror... once you hit play, there is no escape! For fans of Blood Duster, Carcass, Gwar, Necrophagia and Pungent Stench