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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have joined together two of the undergrounds most notorious, putrid abominations for a crushing full length Split release of sickness! Bastardhammer hail from the United Kingdom and make their HPGD debut with six tracks of utterly filthy Death/Crust Punk. Aggressively drunk and dangerously ignorant, Bastardhammer kick you in the ballsack and punch your stupid face into custard! For fans of Abscess, Autopsy, Brutal Truth, Celtic Frost, Corpse Vomit, Discharge, Dystopia, Entombed, Ghoul, Melvins, 70's Porn and 80's Punk

Violation Wound make their violent return to Horror Pain Gore Death with seven blistering new tracks of raw Hardcore mayhem. Still not giving a fuck, Chris Reifert and the boys are back and on a mission to deliver maximum filth and audio alcoholism to the masses, with a big middle finger to the posers and fakes! Catch Violation Wound live at Maryland Deathfest XVI in Baltimore Maryland May 24th-27th 2018. For fans of Circle Jerks, The Dead Boys, D.R.I., Dwarves, Eat My Fuk, Genocide Superstars, GG Allin, Motorhead, The Ramones and Sex Pistols