ABSCESS - Urine Junkies 12-Inch Picture Disc Record (Limited Deluxe Edition)

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Available for the first time ever on vinyl! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present this deluxe edition of Urine Junkies. Formed out of the ashes of Autopsy, Abscess continued the direction of "Shitfun" with their debut collection originally released on Relapse Records back in 1995. Further developing and incorporating elements of punk rock, hardcore and twisted grindcore, this is cameltoed fuck metal! Urine Junkies is a compilation of their first three studio-demos, in reverse-chronological order: "Crawled Up from the Sewer" (1995), "Raw, Sick and Brutal Noize" (1994) and "Abscess" (1994)... 18 instantly classic, pornofreakographic anthems suitable only for those with a fetish for the sickest extreme metal. Diabolically clever black humor combined with purulent puke-punk, Urine Junkies shows Abscess in their prime as an utterly depraved four man musical freakshow generating scary, sing-a-long anthems. This deluxe edition is pressed on heavy 12-Inch Picture Disc vinyl and includes a double-sided air freshener, set of two name tags and a disgusting urine filled syringe pen. Strictly limited to 500 copies so don't miss out on this!

"Behold the belligerent beginnings of Abscess. This is pure down and dirty deathpunk for true freaks. Prepare to feel the filth!" - Chris Reifert (quote from March 9th 2012)