ABSCESS - Horrorhammer 12-Inch Gatefold Record (Limited Deluxe Edition)

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present the classic Abscess album "Horrorhammer" for the first time ever on vinyl! Originally released in 2007 on Darkthrone's imprint label Tyrant Syndicate (distributed by Peaceville Records), "Horrorhammer" features a more stripped down approach for Abscess showcasing a heavy Punk flavor to compliment the pyschedelic Death/Doom chaos. This underrated masterpiece features 12 tracks of filthy madness that is a must have for any Abscess and Autopsy fanatic. "Horrorhammer" was recorded by long time cohort Adam Munoz at Prairie Sun Studios, where Possessed recorded the classic 'Seven Churches' album and features killer artwork from Dennis Dread

This deluxe edition is strictly limited to 150 copies pressed on beautiful heavyweight Ice Blue vinyl and includes an exclusive eyeball ring, eyeball necklace and double-sided postcard featuring brand new commentary on the album from Chris Reifert!

"Drink The Filth And Welcome New Diseases! The Poison Messiah Shall Take You To Another Private Hell, And Is Ready To Exterminate Your Mind... When Witches Burn, The Four Grey Walls Beneath A Blood Red Sun Will Fall Under The Power Of The Horrorhammer. Worship The Hellhole, Honor The March Of The Plague And Bow Down To The Eternal Pyre!"